RAW Contest 2019

Collaboration with Rotterdam Photo Festival

#RAWContest19 Winners

1st month - "At the back yard"


Barcelona based photographer Bonaventura Durall under Instagram name


“[Not without my camera] is one of my life premises, and even in my most idle and restful moments I accomplish this. I was lying on my towel besides the tennis club swimming pool when my daughter attention was caught by her big cousin, who was calling her from behind the wooden fence. I waited as they approached and was happy to see that their only aim was to reach each otheer, to feel the touch of their hands in a subtle way..."


2nd month - "Building the city"


Photographer Elisa Gómez Arias under Instagram name @eli_gomeza (@textura_y_contraste)

"The photograph was taken in Medellín, Colombia, one spring afternoon. Being anarchitecture student has given me a certain fascination for the construction of thecity. After an unfortunate event in a building in the city where the crane brokedown, the image was the perfect representation of the construction and growth of acity. Imperfect, beautiful, alive and dead..."


3rd month - "Travel the world"


Spanish photographer Mònica Ponce Màrquez under Instagram name @moni_163

"My photo was taking in San Juan de Gasztelugatxe, Bermeo, in a spring day. It is a wonderful place, green and blue mixed, and 241 stairs...They seem to reach the sky..."


to be continued...



8 months - 8 photographers - 3 International Exhibitions.


We start new Contest in March 2019.


Beginning of each month we announce the new subject of Contest starting March 2019. Further you will have two weeks to prepare your black&white and color work and post to Instagram using our hashtag.


Gallery team will select 7 works which we will post in our Instagram feed. The winner photography is chosen based on the highest quantity of likes after 4 weeks. Check the participation steps below to have more information about contest rules. The winner work will be shown at the external banners 2x2m.


The winners will be exhibited at Rotterdam Photo Festival and at Gloss Gallery (Tel Aviv), at RAW Streetphoto Gallery (Rotterdam) and, of course, featured by RAW Streetphoto Gallery.

Participation steps


Step 1.

After Gallery announcement, you can place your photo with contest hashtag #rawcontest19.

We will contact you when your photo is selected.



We ask you to contribute 15Euro fees for participation.

After receiving the fee your work will be reposted in our Instagram feed in the middle of a month. 



Gallery visitors vote for the beloved work during one month. But we encourage you to make efforts to have even more likes. After one month we announce the Winner.

Winner photographer* will be exhibited at Rotterdam Photo Festival (Winter 2020) and at our Gallery Platform - Gloss Gallery, Tel Aviv and RAW Streetphoto Gallery, Rotterdam (2020).


*The winner photographer can participate only once.

Contribution fee you can pay here

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