Zakaria Wakrim

"It lets us have this aesthetic concern, which is nothing else than a tangible trace of the meta-conscientious stellar dust that we are. It defines the way how we think about our universe, that makes us so special, something we’re not always aware of"

Riccardo de Vecchi

Film photography and its process allow me to explore and establish a relation with the places I visit and the situations I live. This is what I try to show in my picture: a determinate moment, a scene, something that hits my mind and tells me something more about what I have in front of my eyes.

Natalia Grezina

My artistic practice is a constant dialogue with the many aspects of existence and aims to find a reconciliation between society, individuals and nature. My aim is to find a common language between these three elements through the feminine medium of embroidery, which characterizes my practice in the strongest way.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery